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SST 001- Our Mission, What, Why, & How

by C. H. Wilson, Jr. on June 30, 2013

In this episode of the Sport Studies Today podcast we will explain our “what, why and how” Sport Studies Today Logoto give you a better idea of what we are hoping to accomplish.


Sharing the insight and passion of the best and brightest in all fields of sports research


We will share interviews with leading researchers in all aspects of sport. No matter how you slice it/name it/call it: Whether it falls under Kinesiology, Sports Management/Administration/Business, Sport Psychology, SocioCultural Studies, Sport Sociology (or Sociology of Sport), and so on, we will spotlight interesting people and topics in every episode.


Although there are many respected conferences and professional organizations, it would be nearly impossible to attend them all due to the time and expense. These podcasts are an efficient and effective way to share the insight and passion of the best and brightest minds with the entire world. Many conferences only allow twenty minutes or less to explain your work, much less any real background on the researchers.

As I record this I am a doctoral student at the University of Tennessee and I find that I always learn something when I am able to speak with someone at a conference, but simply don’t have the opportunity to get to speak to as many scholars and leaders in the field as I would like.


Through the website we hope to share useful resources.  This would primarily be via our blog and podcasts.

We need your help!  You can help us by sharing
1.    Who or what do you want to hear about?
a.    Will you suggest who we should interview or volunteer to be interviewed yourself?
b.    Will you submitting useful links to organizations or other pertinent info?
2.    Spread the word! One of the good things about technology is the leveling effect it can have. Through this website and these podcasts everyone can share and learn- not just those with an insider connection.

Email us feedback@sportstudiestoday.com

Twitter: @Sport_Studies

Thanks for listening, and be sure to be on the lookout for our next podcast!

Charles “Hal” Wilson

I started this website as way to share information. I taught various subjects in high schools for twelve years and returned to grad school full time to finish my Ph.D. in Kinesiology with a concetration in Sport Studies from The University of Tennessee.


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