CFP- A New Game Plan “4” Collegiate Athletics

by C. H. Wilson, Jr. on October 2, 2013

Call For Papers – A New Game Plan “4” Collegiate Athletics
Academic Conference & Activism Meeting
January 16th-18th 2014
(Downtown) San Diego, CA

The Student-Athletes Human Rights Project (The Project) invites individuals to submit abstracts that are relevant to the following themes:
1. New legal strategies (non revenue student-athletes, mental health, etc)
2. Activism (with student-athletes, for-profits, not for-profits, universities)
3. Advocacy (government, social media, etc.)
4. Issues (concussion, name & likeness, discrimination, due process, etc.)
5. Other pertinent student-athlete welfare issues
Submissions will be accepted between September 30th and November 8th 2013.
Notifications will be sent on or around November 15th 2013.


  • Single-Presenter Only
  • 20-minute presentation (with 5-minute Q&A)
  • Reserved for faculty, professional practitioners, etc. (i.e., attorneys, physicians, psychologists, social workers)


  • Single-Presenter Only
  • Traditional or other poster presentations
  • Reserved for students (undergraduate, graduate & doctoral)

Abstract Format

  • Two page maximum
  • Abstract should include text only
  • Author, Title, institution/organization/company name(s), and contact information
  • The Project welcomes creativity and diversity in presentations and posters.


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